Pots, Pans, and Ceiling Fans

by 10,000 Lakes

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This EP is a collection of 10,000 Lakes recordings put together from 2005 forward. The recording style departs from the prior live-to-tape-deck approach to a multitrack setting.


released December 30, 2012

M.C. Paperclip - keyboards, guitars, lyrics, vocals.



all rights reserved


10,000 Lakes Texas

10,000 Lakes began in 1993, as a solo project using a Casio SA-7, a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, and completely random lyrics recorded onto a tape recorder. The style has mostly stayed the same, except for a change in keyboard to a CA-110, and pro mic's and a mixer. Chopstick shoes. My belt buckle rented someone else's cupcake remedy. ... more

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Track Name: Metropolis
Tomorrow is my recliner's birthday.
Yeah I bought some windshield paste.
Aw man, Brett Favre stole my can opener.
Frozen sandpaper lamps.
Porchball championships!
Purple coffee.
I was drivin' 47 miles an hour
when I realized that blue light bulbs
are as fresh as garlic cake.
Sharpen some pencils on August 24th,
Sharpen your pens on December 19th.
I need to clip my toenails
before the election.
Quick! Polish those air vents!
Graphing calculator.
Wheat bread.
Digital cheese.
Wear your socks backwards.
Nosehair, eyebrow.
Okra City is havin' a convention right now!
Just go down Highway 317,245!
4 out of 5 robot aliens prefer carbonated shoe polish.
Refrigerate your hat, refrigerate your coat.
your hamster's suitcase.
My wallet is not a professional swimmer.
Hey, shouldn't Bart Simpson be like, 25 by now?
Track Name: Hairbrush
Awright, bring it on, woohoo!
Ok here we go.
Back in 2085, we roasted peanuts!
And in 2042, we wore inflatable shoes!
And at 3:30 pm, we shaved our feet.
And at 6:45, we watched Pancake Blues.
Cartoon rabbits
smugglin' paper towels
into Albania!
Rachael Ray grilled my printer on accident.
Some people just don't like gallons.
They only like miles.
is February ever gonna show up?
Yeah, square nickel.
Yeah, it's a dry tree.
I thought this was a dirty hairbrush contest.
My dog is floating
cuz he's made of helium.
Focus on the Saran wrap.
Focus on the Saran country music.
Why is there a river in my kitchen?
Track Name: Fishtank Mountain
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
I don't have a green dishwasher.
What word rhymes with green dishwasher?
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Tony Romo had a garage sale
where he sold a poster of Dan Quayle
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Fishtank mountain
Parking meters eat your nickels
but like me they don't like pickles
Fishtank mountain
Popcorn fountain
electronic towel
bought me a vowel.
15% discount nosehair device!
Track Name: Discount Biscuits
Parrots camouflage themselves in salads all the time.
This is my parking lot, and I make the rules.
OK, except for the one about deodorant spray.
The undisputed heavyweight champion of the world! Diet Coke.
Where did that robot janitor come from?
Pancake warriors.
Revolving square glue.
Take Antarctica and remix it, yeah!
Paris Hilton lawnmowing service.
Generic biscuit dough in small towns.
Jayla, your popcorn is ready.
Buying 5000 wigs is not currently on my to-do list.
Extreme giraffe makeover.
This is the reason you can't tie velcro shoes.
Stereo bait.
No delivery charge on orders over $10.
4000 yellow stripes.
Man, that's the last time I use an ice cream cone as a guitar pick.
Track Name: Pots, Pans, and Ceiling Fans
I am not a bicycle, I am a driveway.
How much can you bench press?
That's right.
Wait, no it ain't.
No Brenda, you're wrong.
Hey let's subscribe to Carpal Tunnel Monthly.
Man, you can't park there! That's a creek!
Computer chips.
Computer salsa.
WD-40 and cowboy hats - what's the connection?
Vaporizer party!
Barnyard teleconference!
Brand new - Clyde's Fabric Softener.
Free month of tanning.
Dang I'm do proud.
The shark got an Armani suit.
Fresh Prince of Taco Bell!
HBO toe.
Let's go to Texarkana.
9-volt 3-hole punch.
9-volt 3-hole tropical punch.
Great for tough to wash pots, pans, and ceiling fans.
I'm gonna vote for cheddar cheese.
Biscuits and gravy.
Track Name: Squeegee In Hand, Windshield Far Away
Squeegee in hand, windshield far away.
My windshield was dirty,
and it was really cold outside,
but the squeegee handle was stuck in a block of ice.
Squeegee in hand, windshield far away,
I'm in an Amish heavy metal band.
Squeegee in hand, windshield far away,
I put tennis balls in my dryer almost every day,
and I ride my bike to the drive-in.
Squeegee in hand, windshield far away.
there's a camouflage washing machine,
and you can't even watch it clean.
You can't see it, no
it's hiding by the cordless pizza.
I got a basketball stuck on my tire.
Ok um, alright, hold on, I'm combing my hair.
OK, how's that look?
Oh it's still stickin' up on top?
OK, alright. How's that?
You know, I don't have any lyrics for this particular part of the song
so I'm just gonna drink a soda instead.
(coughing noises)
Man I shoulda had lyrics!
Went down the wrong way there.
Remove food and particles from area.
Pre-test on inconspicuous, small part of the surface.
Shake well, turn nozzle.
Apply product to surface,
and wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.
I'm gonna tie my shoes together.
Cappuccino paint.
I'm goin' on a diet vacation.
Spray paint your shoulder.