Basketball Donut: A Mini Album

by 10,000 Lakes

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This was a combination of the idea that I needed to follow up Cat Hospital with something substantial, maybe not a full album, but some of the ideas surrounding it, and maybe even a "rarities" collection. I still had a few ideas up my sleeve, and some went well while others didn't. I did not include some of the previous demo or one-off type stuff, so it ended up with a reprise and a reject, along with a few side songs. I did add one older song, simply because it is so darn silly and I couldn't get it out of my head. The photo is actually more recent, the original art is gone, so I decided to use a picture of Baby Blossum with giant headphones from 2007.


released December 25, 2000

M.C. Paperclip, Red Blossum



all rights reserved


10,000 Lakes Texas

10,000 Lakes began in 1993, as a solo project using a Casio SA-7, a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, and completely random lyrics recorded onto a tape recorder. The style has mostly stayed the same, except for a change in keyboard to a CA-110, and pro mic's and a mixer. Chopstick shoes. My belt buckle rented someone else's cupcake remedy. ... more

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Track Name: Bottle
They say on the bottle
You could win a million pizzas
I was hangin out at the tarmac parking lot
Wait, no, was it the hangar
The coat hanger parking lot?
My dog forgot.
Why do people put milk in a baby bottle?
Why can’t they use grape juice instead?
Hey Dave, throw me some tacos.
Hey Dave, throw me some tacos.
Hey Dave, throw me some tacos.
I wanna send a shout out to the bus stop.
Jeremy fell in love and broke his knee.
He said that cowboys are secretly
Pop-tart fanatics.
Calculator, calculator, yeah yeah yeah
Calculator, calculator, yeah yeah yeah
Calculator, calculator, yeah yeah yeah
They say on the bottle
You could win 400 tablecloths
I was eating nachos
At the Castle Wash parking lot
No wait, I was at the zebra seminar
I was a rap star late last month
But hey now I work at the Pizza House
I’m the guy that puts all that
Green fuzzy stuff on all the tennis balls there.
Air freshener
Hotel grease fire
Vending machine ketchup.
Track Name: Blowdryer
All she wants is a business outfit
Something she can wear to work
Blowdry your hair on the 5th of December
Chicken flavored crackers
I’ve got a koozie, it keeps all the cans cold
Ham sandwich
Why in the world are you puttin’ on that tire, man?
Hey, quit pourin’ that beer out
You can use it for a lot of things
Such as to hold your hair back on a windy day
Track Name: Peanut Butter Breath
Why must you always have peanut butter breath?
Why must you always have peanut butter breath?
I stare into space, because the wall
Is not triangular
And there was a window on your porch
Track Name: Acoustic Atlanta
Casper was a friendly motorcycle,
And I have an apartment.
26 pictures on the wall.
Do you have a place where I can plug my breakfast in
To let it charge up?
I'm singin' a song about America!
I'm singin' a song about guitars.
I'm singin' a song about t-shirts.
How many days are you taking a quiz?
Will you light up
That plastic cup?
Putting a sticker on your automobile,
Putting a sticker in your hat.
Get that hamburger out of your hair!
Get that hamburger out of your hair!
Get that hamburger out of your hair!
I'm running out of large books,
And I'm running out of definitions for my homework,
And I'm running out of sunglasses,
And I'm running out of yearbooks.
I'm just another doorbell
Out on the street
Buying slices of pizza for everyone that I meet.
Oh no!
What are you trying to say?
Do you think this album is great?
Or is it just gray?
Or is it orange?
Or is it like a video game
That you play?
Can you install this software?
Guess what I bought last week?
You’ll never guess, ha
Unless you’ve heard this song before
I bought a magician in an aerosol can!
Just spray a little bit and you'll see what happens.
You will calculate numbers just like that,
And you will eat toast all day long.
And you will play new games,
About eating bagels.
This is the part of the acoustic version of this song
Where I just create some extra lyrics
I would like to dedcicate it to the harmonica that I never play.
Guess what? My wife just sneezed in the other room
And just because I sang that she’s gonna chase after me with a broom
Oh no, I better run, I better hide
16 piece beverage set
On the border between Switzerland and China
Photo album
Convoluted story about fireplaces
Was that good, or did it suck?
Track Name: Files
Please take a nap
I took a shower
And I boxed it up
You know I thought this song would be a bad idea
Thought about it for a long time
But you know what
It’s really not
It’s a bad, bad idea
Tone bank selector
Make a deposit in the tone bank
My scanner is just waiting
For something to be scanned on it
There is a chatroom where they are arguing over the sun
Chicken in a biscuit
Keystone International is your ticket to free soda, yeah
Track Name: The Barn/Alpine Business Window
This song is The Barn
Did you run down the highway
With lots of speed limit signs
Did you open the door
With the painting on it
Why did you turn on the TV
Where is the banjo mirror
When you need to shave your toes
Why why is there a shoestring in the grass
Why don’t you use paper
Remote control
What did you do with the lightswitch
Did you throw it in the trashcan

Alpine business window

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Don’t experience technical difficulties. It will take hours and hours to reach the jellying stage, and even worse, you risk destroying areas which consume beer and streetposts. The extra step of soaking the fruit overnight helps to tenderize the citrus mashed potato. And chop up the washcloth… with the… washcloth. Simmer the potatoes for five minutes. Cover and let stand for at least ten hours or overnight at warm room temperature. Measure the chocolate chips