Dish Washer

by 10,000 Lakes

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This was a very quick follow-up to Exercise Fever. At the time I had just recorded an album in one night, and wanted to put together some new songs. I didn't use previous methods of multitracking or even that much pre-writing of lyrics. One song was mostly written by a good friend and bandmate in another project, and some of the other songs were only partially pre-written, or only concepts. The theme behind the album was to only use acoustic guitar, similar to Minnesota Hat 1982. It ended up being that except for one song. Using improvisation rather than planning made this a more off-the-cuff album lyrically, and a simpler, more freestyle album musically.


released February 28, 1997

M.C. Paperclip, Quentin Lundy (partial lyrics on Kowboy Sack)



all rights reserved


10,000 Lakes Texas

10,000 Lakes began in 1993, as a solo project using a Casio SA-7, a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, and completely random lyrics recorded onto a tape recorder. The style has mostly stayed the same, except for a change in keyboard to a CA-110, and pro mic's and a mixer. Chopstick shoes. My belt buckle rented someone else's cupcake remedy. ... more

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Track Name: Whisker
Whisker mountain…
Grandpa sips the orange soda
The word kleb ain’t in the dictionary
Jarvis Phelps always wanted to
Become a calculator so he went to grooming school
Computer programming for dogs
Hey I think you put too much starch on your ice cream
Get out of my bathroom and stop brushing your teeth
With the baking soda
Flood up the drums with the cheese donuts and
Duct tape a hamster to the bacon container
Police sunshine
Police sunshine
Police sunshine
Police sunshine
Track Name: Microwaveable
Biscuit machine
Video adapter, blue control
Octopus in my driveway
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na roads
13 inch TV, article next to an ugly dog
Friend of the cheeseburger hotel manager and owner
Notebook with a lot of papers and stuff in it
Lots of documents about the sandwich bag
Who ran across 2nd Street yesterday evening
The cat had only 46 ears
The razorblade was made out of plastic
Put a shoestring
Put a bootstring
Put a string on your hat
Frozen ice cream thing
In the middle of the water desert
A tall spiky fish drove by in his Corvette
Track Name: Kowboy Sack
Kowboy Sack, take 1
You know there was this guy
Who walked around the Dallas area
And he held up a sign that said LLPG
Which stood for Lost Library Post Guard
So an alien electrical lottery ticket
Stood up
He stood up and he said
Central Graphics, Inc. will live forever
Meanwhile, purple beauticians were hollering
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Pick up the beat, Mail the letter
Pick up the beat, Mail the letter
Mail the letter, pick up the beat now
Mail the letter, pick up the beat now
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Mail that letter now
Come on, sing with us New Jersey Grooming School
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Come on, West Memphis computer programming companies
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Join us, Chelsea
Mail the letter
Mail the letter
Come on, US Marines
Light bulb
Light bulb
Light bulb
How ya doin’ Slate?
I’m doing OK circle R TM period
Basketball player in the city
Blue hazard
Blue hazard
Kowboy sack
Frozen waffle
Tune it in to the Fox Sports Network
Let’s watch some Home & Garden TV
Mail the potato
Melting cosmopolitan enchilada
Track Name: 108 Gallons of Gasoline
I had a car
It was a pretty car
I had a notebook
A purple notebook
It went 86 miles an hour
108 gallons of gasoline
108 gallons of gasoline
I went fishin’ on the desert camel
My wrist itches a lot
The lamp – it works just fine
And then – I opened up
A Cherry 7up
And it didn’t taste very good
It didn’t taste real good at all
But I looked up a piece of paper and it said to me
27 bags, 108 gallons of gasoline
48 cheeseburgers, 108 gallons of gasoline
9 ink pads, 108 gallons of gasoline
48 bottles of Tide, 107 gallons of gasoline
Bag of Fritos in my trashcan
Melting seat in the middle of the shelf
Rewind button looking at me because
I won’t grab a shelter for the Pepsi bottle
Or look inside my chemistry book
But sometimes it seems to me
That my eyeglasses are made of plastic
And the phone book is made out of
All the gasoline
Basket in a wheel handle
Track Name: Stop Sign
Alright the title is a coincidence
Radio hamster glued to the fence
A breeding fan with the fanblade blues
Selecting a rhythm
Pages, pages, pages
Ross Perot had a donut on Tuesday mornin’
Cannonball city with the battery
On the carpet in the floor
Don’t forget the toothbrush manual
Fold a corner of a beef sandwich
A robot shell
A sock bone
Gray field mouse with the blues
To use a Nintendo Entertainment Burrito
Get a screwdriver and put it in the trunk of your beer can
Grease fire banana chicken train
Track Name: Dish Washer
Information, pocketbook
Can of cookies
Baking soda
I put on a tie every mornin’
Just about in time to watch Regis and Kathie Lee
They advertise things, Regis is messin’ around
He thinks that he can whoop up on a sumo wrestler
Cash register, cash register
Canvas Pepsi, mustard bottle filled with green paint
Folk music stars eating peanut butter
Rolling pins bust out with matchbooks
Roll down the street in my ‘64
Basketball tournament
Look at the pocketknife
Sitting next to the calculated building
The Hard Rock Café
The Between A Rock And A Hard Place Café
The License Plate Drive-Thru
Mashed potato in hiding
Groveling lawnmower
Sad baseball cap
Purple turquoise chocolate bears
Lawnmower string
Harley-Davidson sandwiches
Put a deep fryer on your t-shirt
No postage necessary if mailed in the United States of America
Wine glass filled with Dr Pepper
Track Name: Tennisparty
Du du du du du green tennis ball
Goin’ down to the tennis court
Gonna groove it on up
Goin’ to the party
Tennis party
Goin’ to the party
Tennis party
Goin’ to the party
Tennis party
Tennis party
Go Greyhound, mess with the fritobox
We’re goin’ to get cans of coffee
And record a few chickens
Pull out the potato stops
Run three times around the block
There is a porcelain pig inside the ‘frigerator
The freezer is full of tennis balls
Tennis party
Tennis party
Orange juice party
Vacuum cleaner party
Chain wallet party
Mickey Mouse was listening to a Christmas record
Lamp without a lightbulb
Tennis party
Tennis party
Orange juice party
Malcolm W party
Toothbrush party
Corn on the cob party
Tennis party
Track Name: Be In A Taste Test
There was a hockey moment in the jar
The universe player had a steamed cheeseburger
I had some coffee with my stereo
The taste test guy said I was cool
Said for me to be in a taste test
I went and took the test that day
He thought that I liked Coke a little more than Pepsi
But I think that juice drinks are better than both
Shoestrings are better than both
I had a little chicken soup
Wile E Coyote came up n said hello
The carpet sample waved at me
Then I got afraid
Because a rewind button was chasing me
Haven’t changed the calendar since June
Since July
The octopus center is raging mad
And the dentist had lots of tools
Beef pattern
Track Name: Grain
Fred had a 1979 Ford
He liked Dr Pepper
He grew up in a town in the middle of Wyoming
He saw one day that he’d run out of grain
So he pulled up a shotgun and chewed on it
He chewed on it hard and he thought about Velveeta
And he took his car and went to Florida
Went down there, stopped in Georgia
To eat a peach and talk to his friends
He – he grabbed a cellular phone and decided
That it should be in the lake
His friends knew that he
Had a lot of things to eat
The orange peel ran away
And I have a feeling there’s a pink thing on the floor
Baseball quest, hat universe
And a grain controller
A grain remote controller
Air freshener
Crocodile asking for directions to a gas station
There was a calendar in the pharmacy
A portrait of a TV
A guy with light bulbs on his jacket
Grain W
Math book
Pair of socks
Track Name: Stapler
There was a cowboy who went swimming in the desert
He hung onto his stapler cuz it was his best friend
My cap was on fire and he had a sandwich with me
We sat back and watched a lot of movies on TV
I had a ?????
??? aluminum can
The refrigerated stapler was the cowboy’s best friend
I remember that day
When all the grain was ready
And all the cheese was grate
Was ??? in my hometown
The basketball was orange and
All my friends were wearing coats
They were wearing then when
They traveled in their square boats
Tootsie rolls
Round thing in the
Oh, the orange yard had the great number 5 in it
Shoe that doesn’t fit anymore
Track Name: Trashcan #79
Number 79
There was a big trashcan
It was friendly
It didn’t like movies
It didn’t like ridin’ bikes
But it liked the view
It had a really great job
And it’s number 79 right on the side
He said that was my identification number
Don’t put the thing sideways in the parking lot
Don’t get a candy wrapper and chew on it
Don’t tune your guitar to the Simpson style
Don’t put your hangers up on your shelf
Don’t put toys inside of a driveway
Light green, light green, light orange
Pocketknife in the sky
Bubble person
Bacon strips
Gravy superhero
Save 79 cents
Save 45 cents