Exercise Fever

by 10,000 Lakes

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This is the second 10,000 Lakes album, recorded in late spring/early summer '96 all in one night. I was 19 and had the whole house to myself, which was pretty rare, so I collected my ideas and instruments and put them all onto a tape at once. The sound quality isn't spectacular, but this kind of music is for the hardcore lo-fi fan anyway. At the time, I was involved with the MoFo catalog and was inspired by getting the music out there. The MoFo catalog was a lot like Bandcamp, except it was like a website that was on paper instead, and the download required a blank tape, SASE, and stamps.


released June 29, 1996

M.C. Paperclip - vocals, lyrics, guitars, keyboard. Recording was done on a Sony tape recorder that had survived a car accident.



all rights reserved


10,000 Lakes Texas

10,000 Lakes began in 1993, as a solo project using a Casio SA-7, a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, and completely random lyrics recorded onto a tape recorder. The style has mostly stayed the same, except for a change in keyboard to a CA-110, and pro mic's and a mixer. Chopstick shoes. My belt buckle rented someone else's cupcake remedy. ... more

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Track Name: Good Morning
Hoover came over to advertise the sign which was pink
And had the number 4 in the top corner.
Walk down Main Street with me.
The parade begins in 67 minutes.
I want a ham and cheese baseball!
Oh no! Oh, no.
Do not walk in.
Do not walk in, it is wet paint in there.
Jenny, Jenny
Why must you bounce the soccer ball today?
I’m not ready for the carpet.
Free with purchase, a 30 cent burger.
Go home, billboards.
Good mornin’.
Track Name: teatime at osakis
hmm hmm hmm hmm
Welcome to the orange juice
Weclome to the octopus city!
Do you have a clue, where
The mouse remote control is?
Why do you have to jump into the water?
Why do you have to jump into the jello?
Do you wear your hat normally on Tuesday?
Are those shorts in the corner?
Ready for the basketball?
Fire hydrant! Fire hydrant
Fire hydrant, yeah yeah.
Polar bear!
Do you have change for a notebook?
Pair of socks.
Do you have a lightbulb in your car?
Why did the wire jump up and kick
The soda can?
The soda can?
The soda can.
Track Name: Grandma Granny
Grandma granny, take three hundred and eighty three.
Susan Tuesday had a sheet
And her dog was really thirsty!
The basement kiosk was hungry!
Didn’t know what to feed it.
Well Thursday came along
And she had no dinner left
So she went somewhere to get it!
Florida wasn’t on the map
Her toaster was happy
The kitchen soup sandwich
Made it to the dance, on time yeah!
There is a duck in the corner.
Where did the supermodel go?
A lime was there
Standing in line
At Wal-Mart
Go get the window blind!
They checked every nook and cranny
Because Susan Tuesday Susan
Was the Grandma Granny.
Grandma Granny!
A dirty sock!
A dirty sock!
A dirty shoe!
Bob said goodnight.
Goodnight said Bob.
Robert said goodnight my awake people.
Track Name: Canada
Canada, Canada.
Canada, Canada.
Red shoebox, tapestry.
Blue lampshade, license plate.
Canada, Canada.
Canada, Canada.
Neon sign, boating ramp.
Carpet square, electrical camera
In Canada, Canada.
Canada, Canada.
Big blue Frisbee, lawnmower.
Ceiling fan, socket boy.
Gate opener, tire iron.
Envelope, Elvis shoes.
Canada, Canada.
Canada, Canada.
Orange peel flaps its wings.
Road flares, cappuccino.
In the barn, storage bin.
Blue file cabinet, Casper the ghost
was never in
Canada, Canada.
Canada, Canada.
Mexico, France, Portugal, Ecuador.
Eraser bin, frog potato.
Canada, turn the light off.
Brush your hair.
Track Name: Throw The Diagonal Ball
Floorboard, red floorboard!
Red floorboard. 0, 1, 2, 3.
Round wheel, triangular wheel.
Diagonal ball.
Frisbee auction
Careless mistake using a pencil.
I was in the car with my girlfriend.
We were driving around Plano, Texas.
Three and a half,
Four and a quarter,
Five and three-eighths.
My girlfiend and me, drivin’ real fast.
Drivin’ all over, everywhere.
We like each other a lot,
We have a good time, yeah yeah yeah.
Yeah yeah yeah. We have a good time, yeah yeah yeah.
We do lots of things lots of other couples do.
We like to – watch movies
We like to – play video games together.
We like to – play basketball
But only – on occasion.
Hey mama, whad’ya do with the VCR
Hey mama, what did you do with the VCR?
Hey Mona Lisa, whad’ya do with the VCR
Remote control, remote control
Remote control, read a book or two.
Remote control, read a read a book or two.
Remote control, remote control
Remote control, remote control
Read a fifty dollar ketchup bottle
From the 40s, from the 40s
From the 40s, from the 30s
From the 20s, from Europe.
Track Name: Mail Box
I checked the mail tonight.
I had - a bill.
CDs are round
Answering machines and the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Bagpipe. Microwave!
Diamond potato, diamond cauliflower.
I ate a burrito tonight.
It was fat-free, had lots of cheese.
I didn’t see the cat
On the road.
Ohh, the cat was hitchhiking!
Bootstring, bootstring.
Have you ever met anyone
Who wears their boots with Velcro straps?
The vacuum cleaner doesn’t work
Between 7 and 8 pm.
Put a capsule of taco sauce
In the middle
Of your sister’s room.
Track Name: Toast
When I put bread in, toast pops up.
There is a houseplant in the air.
I opened the door last Tuesday.
Why are you coming over
When it’s the middle of the afternoon?
Why’d you bring all that coffee with you?
Why did you make jelly for me, dude?
Wristwatch wristwatch wristwatch wristwatch!
Carpet cleaner works so good.
My uncle has linoleum floors.
Those sunglasses look peachy on you!
But as for your cousin,
They don’t look really great.
Do you have a movie I could borrow for two weeks?
There is a big speaker in your nose.
Track Name: *star*
Calling all cars, calling all cars.
Calling all cars, calling all stars.
Why do you have to walk up and down that sidewalk
Acting like a star?
Stars, they’re really hot.
I mean really really really really hot.
Like, you can’t go within a few hundred thousand miles of them
Without burning up.
Red cat in my orange peel!
Apple rinds are good in a sack.
What kind of computer program do you use
At night?
Dinosaurs have straws built in.
I like a cup,
I’d like a cup with ice in it.
Nightstands are great, nightstands are great
To put refrigerators on.
Please stand by.
Calling all cars, calling all cars.
Calling all stars.
All those sounds you hear
Are actually the Pink Banana Squad.
The Yellow Tater Squad, The Onion Club.
Go camping.
Blue ridge original sandwich.
Stare at the picture of the big George Washington wannabe!
Don’t you put that calculator in your pocket in 1973!
Why are you puttin’ the picture frame over there?
What did I tell you about that?
Last week we had a conversation about – stuff!
Water bottle!
Water bottle!
Ketchup machine.
Mustard boy, mustard man!
What kind of shampoo did your brother use last December?
Track Name: Exercise Fever
Exercise Fever.
It’s 3:59 pm!
Exercise fever.
Exercise fever.
Orange peel fever.
Cereal fever.
Lucky charms, peanut butter, Frisbee.
Track Name: Door Bells
I’d like to do a little tune!
One day, I sat down
And thought about writing a letter
To the Department of Cheese.
My sack was getting empty,
I decided to ride my bike down to the train tracks
Where they were having a garage sale
That had just about everything in it.
Cheese, which I really needed,
A really bad looking floorboard,
72 million of those little coat hangers
That always stick together.
A Frisbee made out of metal.
A slam dunk contest video game.
A pigeon flew by and told me I had 67
days to file a claim, yeah!
Twinkie, twinkie!
65, 44, 91.
Movie, movie in the the middle of the signpost.
Get a piece of paper right now.
Don’t forget the shoe sale!
It’s gonna be happenin for the next two weeks
Up here at Bubba’s!
Sandwich. Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise!
Track Name: James Washcloth
One day, James Washcloth put his best foot forward,
Looked up, and sent a postcard to his aunt Louie.
What did ya burn a hole in my pocket for?
I know I couldn’t eat applesauce or invite Piper over
to play a game of Stop-Throwing-Cheerios-At-Me.
Spatula always wanted to know how to build a cow.
The answer is Perkins Rent-A-Gerbil.
Oh, sure, I always have a spare computer monitor.
Later that day James put on his coat.
He put on his coat and ran out the door, ran out the door.
I went to the zoo to zee zome animalzzz.
Charles, I caught you red-handed. Red-handed.
Hey, my hands ain’t red!
James packed up his tent and spelunked all the way to hockey practice.
Our solar system contains 12 vitamins and minerals we need to survive.
It’s not hard pushing a lawnmower
It’s not hard pushing a lawnmower
It’s not hard pushing a lawnmower
It’s not hard pushing a lawnmower