Minnesota Hat 1982

by 10,000 Lakes

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This is the 1st 10,000 Lakes album, from 1995. The original idea for 10,000 Lakes was to create a band consisting of a drummer, a keyboardist, and a bassist that used heavy distortion for the bass. It eventually morphed into acoustic guitar and a Casio SA-7. Several previous projects were much more lyrical, and here I wanted to emphasize the instrumental aspect more while still including the same style of random lyrics. Some of the songs are also early attempts at multitracking using tape recorders and old stereos. And kudos to my brothers for singing along and/or wondering what the heck I was singing about.


released October 20, 1995

M.C. Paperclip - keyboard, guitar, vocals, lyrics, math book.
RC - Keyboard and backup vocals on "Flyswatter."
DC - Backup vocals on "Bacon."

Recorded Sept & Oct 1995, Orange Beltbuckle Studios, Garland, TX, except for "Bacon," recorded at Dad's Truck, Mtn. View, AR. This is a Toto Productions recording.

Thanks to Quentin, Chris, Robert, Jesse, Webb, tomato paste, fritos, Dad, Mom, and the green pillowcase.



all rights reserved


10,000 Lakes Texas

10,000 Lakes began in 1993, as a solo project using a Casio SA-7, a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, and completely random lyrics recorded onto a tape recorder. The style has mostly stayed the same, except for a change in keyboard to a CA-110, and pro mic's and a mixer. Chopstick shoes. My belt buckle rented someone else's cupcake remedy. ... more

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Track Name: 50 Dogs
Alright, just lookin for some calculators.
50 dogs, 50 dogs,
getting out of shape at a lake!
50 dogs, they want some food
and they won't be rude about it either!
They want a steak!
They want a steak!
They want cheese! Frisbee.
Measure the distance from your house
to a convenience store.
I've got a flag.
It is a British flag.
It is really cool.
There's a barcode on my box.
50 dogs, pulling their hair at the sight of a bus!
50 dogs, they want apple pie with their sushi!
Ground beef.
Build a fire near the canyon.
Put a stick in the dryer!
92 dogs lifting heavy objects.
Turn out the lights when you're done
with the mayonnaise.
31 dogs ran to Idaho.
50 dogs looking for a fish.
Basketball, shoestring.
8, 50, 90, 30.
Kitchen towel, kitchen towel,
kitchen towel, 50 dogs
holding their towels in the air!
Don't they have a hat they can wear?
Do they like to turn on the fan?
Do they want big sums of money?
Maybe not, maybe not, maybe not.
Maybe they just want a jar of pickles.
Track Name: Flyswatter
I got a flyswatter
in my roo-oo-oo-oom.
Turn on the fan.
Do you know where your dog is?
Do you have a refrigerator?
Pillow, blanket, hat, refrigerator, freezer
whoa, whoa ah oh whoa oh ohh
got a towel rack, woah oh ohh
trumpets make some noise
trumpets make some noise
i like cheeseburgers
and i like lasagna too.
when friday comes around
i'm gonna go to town.
when friday comes around
i'm gonna go to town.
gotta check the mail
gotta check the mail
gotta check the mail
after i read this magazine.
this magazine, whoooo!
cushions are everywhere
cushions are in my ear
i got a record player
that works pretty good!
lo lo lo lo, lo lo lo lo
la la la
lo lo lo lo, kitchen sink
lo lo lo lo, yeah
lo lo lo lo, pear tree
lo lo lo lo, stop sign
lo lo lo lo, speed limit 30 sign
lo lo lo lo lo
what is that stuff in the hallway?
what is that in the hallway?
what is that stuff in the hallway?
woo ha ha!
let's jam out to
the mashed potato juice.
uhh uhh uhhh
what's bread taste like in space?
what do kids eat
when they jump over the mountain?
i like to grow animals in my garden.
[belch noises]
and remember, next wednesday,
we will continue this lovely quest
for yellow sandpaper!!
ooh ooh ahh ah, ah oohh ah!
ah ooh ahh ah, ooh oohh ah!
ah ooh ahh ah, ooh oohh ah!
ah ooh ahh ah, EHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Track Name: Blue
I like blue things,
lots of blue things.
I don't much like
yellow stuff.
I don't know about elevators.
do you like the mall?
Do you have
one injury?
Do you like lawyers?
Do you like lawyers?
Where are the labels
when you need them?
Where are the posters
when you wanna put something
on your wall?
I like those speakers.
How much do they cost?
Christmas collection.
Christmas shirt.
Superbowl's coming up
pretty soon.
So good for me.
Exercise is so wonderful
and so is fruit.
University blue.
Track Name: Be Triangular
Really got to get a notebook.
I know - it's really hard
to collect buckets
on a Tuesday afternoon.
I know - you like to be
on posters.
If you please - grab the
book with 82 pages,
I would be a happy person
who likes to ride in elevators.
If you get into an art class,
do you put the paper in the door?
Do you get all the laundry and fold it
before 9am?
Do you like, do you like
running over pigeons in
the weekend snow?
I don't know.
Do you know-
no I don't have a clue-
if strawberries are good for you.
Run with me to get some ice cream.
Na na na, na na na,
na na na, na na na,
na na na na Southwestern Bell.
Wheels, wheels, wheels wheels wheels.
Got a picture on the wall-
it is shaped triangular.
Plug the tv in,
Plug the tv in,
Plug the tv in, VCR.
One time I caught my cousin vacuuming-
caught my aunt baking lots of good pies!
Put the orange peel back on the shelf
right next to the moonrock.
Track Name: Rough Noisy Bowl '82
Alright double space!
Kitchen sink, kitchen sink hey!
Running through the street
living with a kitten named Bob!
Bass drum being thrown
at a jewelry shop
in downtown San Antonio.
Come on Larry, now,
do the yard work for us.
Play pool!
And put the stamps
in the fridge. Hey!
Sylvester Stallone hanging
from a rope
with an upside-down helicopter!
Call me Hoss
and I'll buy you a Tootsie Roll.
No no no no no no-
Where is the baseball? Hey!
Where is the baseball? Hey!
Where is the baseball? Hey!
Where is the baseball?
No, I don't know, I don't know.
I don't know.
It must be by the teddy bear collection.
I already checked-
it's nowhere near the candy aisle either.
Motor oil, cappucino.
Yellowjacket flying through the breeze,
buying ice cream for the telephone company.
I like stoves, I like stoves.
I like sandwich bags.
I like floating in the ocean,
from an airplane floating device.
I do not have long furry ears.
I do not have long furry ears, no!
I do not have long furry ears.
Where is guitar string #4?
Put the briefcase,
Put the briefcase next to the motorcycle.
Get a piece of tape and put it next to
your left cheek!
I was late for hockey practice.
I was late for the billboard
opening ceremony.
Sit on the blue surface!
Sit on the red surface!
Oh no-oh-oh-ohh!!!
Lemonade pie!
Your cat is in my house again.
The end.
Track Name: Hat Rack
Ready- do you like hot dogs?
I like some straps,
I like some stripes.
Lick the back of the stamp
and put it next to the tuba
inside my closet.
Where are you getting all these ideas
for Nintendo games?
Push those buttons, yeah yeah.
Push those buttons, type your name.
La la la la la la,
la la la la la la!
Get some spaghetti with your Coke,
get some spaghetti with your coffee.
Get some spaghetti with your Coke,
mow the yard next year!
License plate, license plate.
Owner's manual.
Which way did Herbert walk to?
Where is the candy aisle?
Where is the Dr. Pepper section?
Where do you keep your books?
Do you hide them behind a window?
Whoa oh -
Is there a kitchen sink in the world
that works really good?
Oh oh oh - telephone book!
Typewriting yellow peanut.
Going to a restaurant,
to a restaurant!
Look for a toaster look for a toaster.
Eat your baked potato before
I start to kick a soccer ball.
Lasagna donation.
Elvis sightings.
Lots of CD's.
City fences.
42 lakes, '96 8-ball.
Wah wah wop, ba woh woh woh wa-wop
pink biscuits, pink biscuits.
Next time you decide to
grow carburetors in the yard,
you shall pass go and collect $200
hahahahaha, recliner.
Track Name: Bacon
Flowers, flowers, 70,000 flowers.
Flowers, flowers, 75,000 flowers.
There's a mountain in the background,
there's a mountain in the background.
There's a trailer behind us, yeah.
When I let the fish go,
I thought I'd catch it again.
We are next to a building,
Live! Next to a building,
What I am going to do now
is something very important.
I am going to read-
[crunching chips]
tortilla chips!
America's #1 snack to deliver
such a terrific flavor. Enjoy!
Captain Crunch was promoted!
Do you like pillows?
Do you like signs?
Do you like to give 35 cents
to somebody you haven't seen in three years?
dut doo do dut
dut doo do dut Colgate!
dut doo do dut
dut doo do dut
dut doo do dut
dut doo do dut
dut doo do dut
dut doo do dut
Track Name: Dr Pepr
Learn to live without Corn Pops.
I don't think you got the right number,
try calling 558-0167, yeah!
Paint your car yellow
and add a red stripe.
Grow those muffins
right out of the ground.
Dr. Pepr, Dr. Pepr, Dr. Pepr.
Track Name: Window
peanut, fanblade, measuring cup
big ugly dog, newspaper
wendy had a remote control
she had a bad day
because jack in the box
was on fire
vacuuming a turtle
in the middle of dinner
plug it in, crank it up
grab that poster
look, a duck, yeah
electric toaster
blue frisbee
books about snails
books about elevators
license plates
that don't mean anything
pictures without frames
cats with 3 legs
black and white tv's
weedeaters that don't work
glow in the dark t-shirt
da da da da da window
da da da da da window
da da da da da window
da da da da da window
da da da da da
Track Name: Bonus Track
VCR remote control
I didn't think anything was gonna be alright
till I grabbed a handkerchief.
Rocking chair.
Red notebook.
Blue carpet.