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Tomorrow is my recliner's birthday.
Yeah I bought some windshield paste.
Aw man, Brett Favre stole my can opener.
Frozen sandpaper lamps.
Porchball championships!
Purple coffee.
I was drivin' 47 miles an hour
when I realized that blue light bulbs
are as fresh as garlic cake.
Sharpen some pencils on August 24th,
Sharpen your pens on December 19th.
I need to clip my toenails
before the election.
Quick! Polish those air vents!
Graphing calculator.
Wheat bread.
Digital cheese.
Wear your socks backwards.
Nosehair, eyebrow.
Okra City is havin' a convention right now!
Just go down Highway 317,245!
4 out of 5 robot aliens prefer carbonated shoe polish.
Refrigerate your hat, refrigerate your coat.
your hamster's suitcase.
My wallet is not a professional swimmer.
Hey, shouldn't Bart Simpson be like, 25 by now?


from Pots, Pans, and Ceiling Fans, released December 30, 2012
M.C. Paperclip - keyboard, guitar, lyrics, vocals.



all rights reserved


10,000 Lakes Texas

10,000 Lakes began in 1993, as a solo project using a Casio SA-7, a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, and completely random lyrics recorded onto a tape recorder. The style has mostly stayed the same, except for a change in keyboard to a CA-110, and pro mic's and a mixer. Chopstick shoes. My belt buckle rented someone else's cupcake remedy. ... more

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